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Kromasil semi-prep columns

— Identical performance in all column sizes

  • Long lifetime due to high mechanical and chemical stability.
  • Seamless scalability.
  • Column to column reproducibility.
  • Full traceability from silica to column.

Develop your separation method on an analytical column and run it with confidence on your 21.2 mm column.

two 21.2 columns
  • Conditions
  • Packing: Kromasil 100-10-C8
  • Eluent: acetonitrile/water (70/30)
  • Column diam: 4.6 and 21.2 mm, resp.
  • Column length: 250 mm
  • Linear velocity: 0.7 mm/s
  • Substance mix: 1= uracil,
  • 2= benzamide,
  • 3= methyl benzoate,
  • 4= toluene,
  • 5= propyl benzene,
  • 6= butyl benzene

The offer

Discounted prices on selected 21.2 × 250 mm i.d. Kromasil columns

Kromasil family Particle size
Phase Part Number
Kromasil 100 Å 10 C8 M10CMQ25
Kromasil 100 Å 10 C18 M10CLQ25
Kromasil EternityXT 10 C8 X10CMQ25
Kromasil EternityXT 10 C18 X10CLQ25

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