European Kromasil Prep Symposium 2018

Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Date: Tuesday September 25th 2018, 9:30 – 17:00


Endorsed by 30 years of stationary phase manufacturing and packing expertise, Kromasil supports users of HPLC/UHPLC/SFC/SMB performance products in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food and beverage, clinical and environmental industries.

In the Kromasil Prep Symposium Tour 2018, new trends for preparative and process HPLC applications will be presented and discussed with research, production and process groups for a better understanding of preparative chromatography, including scale-up and optimized handling.

Join scientist and engineers that are active in the field of preparative chromatography on September 25 in Frankfurt to discuss latest trends and share best practices.


Antoni Severino portrait

Antoni Severino

Head of Preparative Chromatography at UCB Pharma Belgium

Achiral purification strategies and examples by LC and SFC to support Medicinal Chemistry and New Process development

Antoni Severino is currently Head of Preparative Chromatography at UCB Pharma Belgium for 4 years. He is in charge of the Purification and Chiral separation Platform within Global Chemistry Research Department. This group support Medicinal Chemistry Research in Braine (Belgium) and Slough (UK) by HPLC and SFC but also the Development and the Manufacturing for MCC processes.
He completed a PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Mons in Belgium. This thesis entitled “Experimental Study, Dynamic Modelling and Optimization of the Operating Conditions of Chromatographic Separation Processes by Simulated Moving Bed (SMB)” was funded by the Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research – FNRS.

Jérôme Boni portrait

Jérôme Boni

Technologies Manager at Novasep, France

Optimization of processes combining chemistry & purification - Strategies & case studies

Graduated in Organic Chemistry, He joined NovaSep in 1999 as R&D Engineer and took several positions as Project Manager, R&D Manager, Production Manager, Industrialization Manager and then Head of R&D and Pilotting service (in 2013) department at Pompey site (CDMO & Equipment supplier site).
Since 2017, He took the position of Technologies manager at the Chasse sur Rhône site (near to Lyon, dedicated to manufacturing small molecules/chemistry). He is involved in implementing/developing technologies such as flow chemistry, batch and continuous preparative chromatography, filtration (Batch and continuous), etc.
His expertise is mainly in the downstream processes field (batch and continuous chromatography, low and high pressure, for synthetic and biomolecules, filtration (micro, nano, viral, etc) using batch or continuous mode, etc. He is also into modeling and simulation for chromatographic process design.

Felix Kollmer portrait

Felix Kollmer

Scientist at Novartis

Industrial Practice of Process Chromatography in Novartis Pharma

Felix Kollmer is working since more than 12 years in Chemical Process Development in Novartis Pharma. He is a chemical engineer by training and specializes in reaction technology and purification processes among others Process Scale Chromatography.

Nicolas Fauquet portrait

Nicolas Fauquet

CEO of Fauquet Innovation

Disruptive Technology for Process Intensification/Improvement in Preparative Chromatography

Doctor of Pharmacy in Industrial BioMedical Pharmacy. Master's degree «Isolation and research of active ingredients from natural origin»

Joakim Högblom portrait

Joakim Högblom

Senior Scientist at AkzoNobel Pulp and Performance Chemicals, Sweden

Multivariate analysis as a tool to characterize stationary phases

Ralf Eisenhuth

Group leader API CMC Development Groups at Bachem AG

Purification of Peptide APIs: Challenges And Achievements

Ph. D. University Karlsruhe. From 2008 until present working at Bachem AG in various functions. Currently Group leader API CMC Development Groups

Gunnar Garke

Head of laboratory for preparative chromatography at Bayer AG, Wuppertal, Germany

Preparative HPLC - a tool within the chemical development


The conference will take place at the Leonardo Royal Hotel Frankfurt.

Mailänder Str. 1
60598 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
tel: +49 (0)69 6802 0
Hotel website


The symposium fee is 95 € including lunch and documentation.

Attendees can arrange their accommodation at the hotel at a special rate if booked before June 3rd 2018 (99 € per single room or 119 € per double room, including breakfast). Please mention the "AkzoNobel / Kromasil Prep Symposium" when booking.

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