North American Kromasil Prep Symposium 2018

Location: Boston, MA

Date: Monday May 21st 2018, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Endorsed by 30 years of stationary phase manufacturing and packing expertise, Kromasil supports users of HPLC/UHPLC/SFC/SMB performance products in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food and beverage, clinical and environmental industries.

In the Kromasil Prep Symposium Tour 2018, new trends for preparative and process HPLC applications will be presented and discussed to research, production and process groups for a better understanding of preparative chromatography, including scale-up and optimized handling.

Join scientist and engineers that are active in the field of preparative chromatography on May 21st in Boston to discuss latest trends and share best practices.


Alex McCorkle portrait

Alex McCorkle

Research Scientist at CW Hemp

Purification of cannabinoids from extracts of Cannabis by semi-preparative supercritical fluid chromatography

Alex is a research scientist at CW Hemp. CW Hemp manufactures nationally distributed whole-plant hemp extract dietary supplements. Alex began working at CW Hemp as a chemist in 2014. He has developed HPLC and SFC methods for quantification and purification of cannabinoids. He received his BA in Biological Sciences from Connecticut College in 2009.

Dr. John Reilly portrait

Dr. John Reilly

Senior Research Investigator, Novartis Institute of Biomedical Sciences

Purification Characterization and Physchem Properties of Peptides

Dr. Reilly is a Senior Research Investigator in the Department of Global Discovery Chemistry at Novartis Institute of Biomedical Sciences in Cambridge MA, USA. He currently leads the Chemistry Separations support team where there is a focus on providing purification and analytical characterization methodologies to support an expanding Chemistry unit. He completed both MSc. Birkbeck College in 1992 and Ph.D within Analytical Science Imperial College in 2002 after his initial BSc in Chemistry at Reading University in 1989. His research goals include the promotion of chromatographic characterization and purification methods and physicochemical affinity screens to investigate drug-like properties of molecules. Dr. Reilly has published >30 articles and has been board member of the Chromatography Society in the UK and ChromSoc conference organiser and on the editorial board of “Chromatography Today” and “American Journal of Modern Chromatography.”

Dr. Asha Oroskar portrait

Dr. Asha Oroskar

Owner, Orochem Technologies Inc.

Process Scale-up from Prep HPLC to full scale Production using SMB

"Dr. Asha Oroskar co-founded Orochem Technologies Inc. in 1996 in her home in Oak Brook, Illinois. She is recognized in the chemical industry for her expertise in filtration devices across all scales. Prior to starting Orochem, she worked at Nunc, now Thermo-Scientific Nalgene Inc. as part of a team that developed the membrane bottom filter plates and the molecular biology medical devices which evolved into a significant focus for Nalgene Nunc.
At Orochem Technologies, her focus was to develop innovative value-added high throughput devices to serve the Biotech and the Bioanalytical industry. Her first product at Orochem was a high-throughput synthesis 96-well plate for Oligonucleotide Synthesis. This oligo synthesis plate became an industry-standard format, and led to the implementation in leading Oligo houses of the 384-well Oligo Synthesis format. Immediately after establishing Orochem, she developed and integrated an extensive range of chemistries on silica.
These chemistries form the backbone upon which many of the small and large scale chromatography separations both in analytical and Prep scale and SMB operations are based upon. Today Orochem is one of the handful of Manufacturing companies that modify silica in-house for all their separation and purification needs. Additionally, Orochem has installed commercial scale systems for manufacturing pure nutraceuticals such as pure Omega-3 fatty acids in Europe, pure phospholipids from krill oil in the United States, alternative natural sweeteners such as tagatose in Europe and pure stevia from stevia leaves in South America.
Following the success of Orochem, Dr. Asha Oroskar, a serial entrepreneur, has developed other successful companies including Kazmira, LLC. which is the largest producer of full-spectrum THC-free cannabinoids in the U.S."

Dr. Laszlo Varady portrait

Dr. Laszlo Varady

Founder and CEO of Rilas Technologies, Inc

Accelerating Synthetic Chemistry by Removing the Purification Bottleneck

He founded Rilas Technologies in 2009 to offer groundbreaking services to medicinal chemistry labs that are tasked with meeting both operational and scientific challenges.
Prior to founding Rilas, Laszlo worked as a Vice President at Anthill Technologies, where he managed the company’s high throughput purification and analysis.
Laszlo spent almost nine years at ArQule where he managed the Application Development group and developed solid phase synthetic methods on Agarose leading to a set of ligands for protein affinity chromatography.
Prior to ArQule Laszlo was Director of Surface Chemistry at PerSeptive Biosystems where he developed a wide range chromatographic stationary phases based on a coated polystyrene for biomolecule separations.
Laszlo got his M.S. in Chemical Engineering and a Ph. D. in Biochemistry from Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He also completed post-doctoral work with Professor Csaba Horvath, Ph.D., of Yale University, and Professor Fred Regnier, Ph.D., of Purdue University.
Laszlo holds numerous patents and has published a number of papers.

Dr. Matt Przybyciel portrait

Dr. Matt Przybyciel

Vice President & Technical Director at ES Industries

Stationary Phase Selection for Achiral Preparative SFC

Matthew Przybyciel in 1980 received a B.S. Chemistry, Magna Cum Laude, ACS Certified, University of the Sciences of Philadelphia and in 1984 PhD in Analytical Chemistry, University of South Carolina, under the research direction of Dr. Stephen L. Morgan. The focus of his research was the development of new stationary phases for capillary gas chromatography. Upon graduation from the University of South Carolina he accepted a position at the Rohm & Haas Company where introduced capillary GC techniques for the analysis crop protection products. During his time at Rohm & Haas he developed GC based continuous air monitor systems for the ultra low level detection of hazardous airborne chemicals. His work in GC based continuous air monitoring systems led him to accept a position at ES Industries in 1990 has a gas chromatography instrument expert. He directed ES Industries on-line GC process analytics program. The installation of chromatographic based process analytics in a chemical manufacturing facility requires expertise in: chromatography, analytical chemistry, electronics, data communication, electrical codes for hazardous environments and on/inline sampling technology. He developed one of the first commercially available GC continuous analyzer for the ppb analysis of VOCs in water. In the late 1990’s ES Industries focused its efforts exclusively on chromatography column products for HPLC and SFC. Matt has become Vice President and Technical Director for chromatography products at ES Industries. He has successfully developed and commercialized a number chromatographic stationary phases and columns for high performance chromatographic separations for HPLC and SFC. Products produced from his research and development effort include perfluorinated stationary phases, polar embedded stationary phases, wide pore bonded phases for bioanalytical HPLC analysis, unique stationary phases for normal phase chromatography and has recently introduced a number of stationary phases for SFC. He has also lead the development effort to produce stationary phases and columns for application areas including petroleum characterization and the purification and chemical isolation of complex natural products from plants and other natural sources. He has published articles on the development and application of new stationary phases for GC, HPLC and SFC. He has presented numerous times at international chromatography conferences. He has been awarded 2003 Award for Excellence in Chromatography, Presented by the North Jersey Chromatography Group of the American Chemical Society, North Jersey Section for “His Outstanding Contributions to the Chromatographic Sciences” and 2006 Chromatography Forum of Delaware Valley (CFDV) Award for “Contributions to Theory, Instrumentation and Applications of Chromatography. He is on the editorial board for Chromatography Today. His personal interest wine and the especially his scientific interest in wine has led him a professional membership in the American Society for Enology and Viticulture.

Dr. Paul Lefebvre portrait

Dr. Paul Lefebvre

Laboratory Director at Averica Discovery Services Inc.

Fast, Scalable Preparative SFC: Making the Separations Lab More Efficient

Dr. Per Jageland portrait

Dr. Per Jageland

Senior Specialist/Application Development Manager, AkzoNobel - Separation Products

Preparative HPLC Application Method Development: Peptides, Human insulin and Analogues.

Per Jageland has been dedicated to HPLC for almost 30 years, since starting in the Kromasil group in 1987. The first years was spent in the R&D, and the following years in the marketing group.
Per was from 1989 responsible for sales and marketing in Scandinavia, Great Britain and Ireland. In 1993 he started the first Kromasil sales office outside of Sweden, in Connecticut, USA. In 1996 he became responsible for sales and marketing in Asia/Pacific, and started sales of Kromasil in China for the first time in 1997. China was developed during 15 years, to become a significant part of the Kromasil business. From 1996 until 2014 Per was also Product Manager for the Prep HPLC segment.
From 2015 Per is responsible for coordinating the customer applications as Senior Specialist and Application Development Manager.


The conference will take place at the Boston Marriott Cambridge hotel, Boston, MA.

50 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02142
tel: +1 617-494-6600
Hotel website


The attendance to the conference is at no charge. Breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks snacks are offered by the organiser.

Attendees can arrange their accommodation at the hotel at a discounted rate of $320.00 per night. Please mention the "AkzoNobel / Kromasil Prep Symposium" when booking. (use the phone number in the contact details above)

The organizing committee

For any questions or for announcing interest, please contact:

  • Your Kromasil Sales Manager, Bob Nairn, +1 845 276-8221
  • The Conference Coordinator, Susan Woods, +1 845 276-8223

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