Symposium on Preparative & Process Scale HPLC, MCC and SFC 2019

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Date: September 10-11, 2019


Dear Chromatographer,

Endorsed by over 30 years of stationary phase manufacturing and packing expertise, Kromasil supports users of HPLC/UHPLC/SFC/SMB performance products in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food and beverage, clinical and environmental industries.

We would like to invite you to attend our traditional Symposium on Preparative & Process Scale HPLC, MCC and SFC to discuss the latest trends in preparative and process chromatography among scientists and engineers from all over the world. Applications will be presented and discussed with research, production and process groups for a better understanding of preparative chromatography, including scale-up and optimized handling. We will have oral sessions, posters and workshops.

Throughout the years, we have had the pleasure to organise numerous conferences, both regional and worldwide meetings. As many of you have requested, it is now time to gather in Gothenburg for our traditional Symposium on Preparative & Process Scale HPLC, MCC and SFC to discuss the latest trends in preparative and process chromatography among scientists and engineers from all over the world. Applications will be presented and discussed with research, production and process groups for a better understanding of preparative chromatography, including scale-up and optimised handling.

Join colleagues in the industry that are active in the field of preparative chromatography in beautiful Gothenburg, on the West Coast of Sweden, to discuss latest trends and share best practices.

Topics at the conference will cover:

  • Trends and new ideas in separation/purification in the drug discovery field
  • Design of packing materials for prep chromatography
  • Process equipment - performance and operation
  • Packing and operation of process columns
  • Modelling and simulation of large scale chromatographic purification

About the speakers

Here is a highlight of some planned speakers:

Alex McCorkle portrait

Alex McCorkle

Research Manager, Charlotte’s Web Inc.

Purification of cannabinoids from extracts of Cannabis by semi-preparative supercritical fluid chromatography

Alex manages research and development activities at Charlotte’s Web Inc. Charlotte’s Web manufactures nationally distributed whole-plant hemp extract high-CBD dietary supplements. Alex has worked in the US hemp extract industry since the inception of Charlotte’s Web in 2014 and has wide-ranging hemp processing and scaling experience. He received his BA in Biological Sciences from Connecticut College.

Andrew Ikin portrait

Andrew Ikin

Senior Preparative Chromatographer, AstraZeneca

Ion Exchange. An established technique for delivery of 21st Century Pharmaceuticals

With over 25 years at AstraZeneca, Andrew has a wealth of experience in GMP Bulk Drug Manufacture. He has delivered API and Intermediates from the Nano-gram to the metric tonne. For the past decade he been specialising in Large Scale Chromatography, both in batch mode and SMB. He has developed in-house separations (NP and RP) that have delivered separations from the gram to 100 kg

Hanna Leek portrait

Hanna Leek

Team leader, AstraZeneca

SFC – A versatile and sustainable tool within Drug Discovery

With a background in chemical engineering Hanna joined AstraZeneca in 1998 to work within the field of chiral chromatography. During her career, she has been one of the key players in introducing preparative chromatography to the site in Gothenburg and in the buildup of a large scale separation laboratory. Hanna has over the past 10 years been driving the introduction of SFC, the main purification technique used at the site. Currently she is leading the Separation Science lab, with the remit of solving both chiral and achiral separation problems in mg to kg scale, ranging from small molecules to large peptide conjugates.

Leon Wang, Ph.D. portrait

Leon Wang, Ph.D.

CTO of Suzhou Tianma Pharmaceutical Group Tianji Bio-Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

Manufacturing processes and impurity control for synthetic peptide APIs

Dr. Wang received his Ph. D. degree in medicinal Chemistry from Beijing Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology in July 2003. From January 2005 to May 2007, he did postdoctoral studies at University of Minnesota. He has been the director of department of peptide research and development since he joined Suzhou Tianma Pharmaceutical Group in June 2007.

Linda Thurnberg portrait

Linda Thurnberg

Associate principal scientist, AstraZeneca

Purification strategy for delivering peptides and oligonucleotides to early drug discovery projects

Linda Thunberg has a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Gothenburg University. During her 15 years at AstraZeneca R&D Gothenburg she has built up great knowledge in chromatography, both in analytical and preparative scale. As an experienced separation scientist, she has adopted various chromatographic techniques, and is specialized in supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC). Her focus has mainly been on both chiral separations and purification of small pharmaceutical compounds. Lately she has broadened her chromatographic competence by working on separation of larger molecules like peptides and oligonucleotides.

Paul O’Shaughnessy portrait

Paul O’Shaughnessy

Principal Scientist, Johnson Matthey

Introducing a Model Based Approach to Process Chromatography Design, Optimisation and Economic Improvement within Johnson Matthey’s API Manufacturing Operations

After academic work in homogeneous catalysis, Paul O’Shaughnessy joined the Johnson Matthey’s research and development center in the UK to work on the fundamentals of industrial separation processes in2003. For the next 12 years he worked on developing the chemical understanding and modelling of large scale solvent extraction and ion-exchange process in precious metal separations. During this work he developed a novel precious metal chromatography process. From 2015 and onward he has been seconded to help optimize JM’s process chromatography operation for their CDMO pharmaceutical businesses.

Per Möller portrait

Per Möller

Process Development, PolyPeptide Group

Strategies and Practical Considerations in the Downstream Process Development of Synthetic Peptides

Per Möller has a background as organic chemist in the lab of Nobel Prize laureate Arvid Carlsson. He has more than 35 years experience from the chromatography area including the chromatographic resin business, drug discovery, scaling-up and GMP production of biological pharmaceuticals. Per joined the PolyPeptide Group in 2007 which is world leading in the production of peptides, where Per is responsible for the purification activities. Beside the activities in the PolyPeptide group, Per is running the consulting firm, PM PeakPerformance AB, within the area of resin business.

Ralf Eisenhuth portrait

Ralf Eisenhuth

Process Manager Technology Transfer and Chromatography, Bachem

Industrial Peptide Purification - Challenges and Concepts

Ralf Eisenhuth has a PhD from Karlsruhe University. He has been working at Bachem AG in various functions since 2008, around API production and purification technologies.

Please, note:

Submit your poster and oral presentation proposal to us by Midsummer (June 22th).

A certificate of attendance will be sent after the conference, if requested.

Preliminary agenda

Detailed agenda will be communicated when all speakers are set

Tuesday 10
08:00 - 12:00Arrivals, coffee
12:00 - 13:00Lunch
13:00 - 17:00Presentations
17:00 - 22:00Activity and Dinner
Wednesday 11
7:00 - 8:00Breakfast
8:30 - 13:00Presentations
13:00 - 14:00Lunch break
14:00 - 17:00Presentations
17:00Closure and departs


The conference will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The organizing committee

For any questions or for announcing interest, please contact your regional sales manager:

Eric Jin


Kashinath Kota

India & Middle East

Cecilia Mazza

Latin countries & North Africa

Bob Nairn

North America

Kicki Svendsrud


The conference is arranged by the Separation Products group at Nouryon, the makers of Kromasil.


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