October 2016

SPICA 2016 in Vienna: Announcing the growing Kromasil EternityXT family of stationary phases for preparative HPLC

We are pleased to announce that Kromasil EternityXT 10 μm C8 bulk material is now shipping. Kromasil EternityXT 10 μm materials are used in reversed phase chromatography, they are end capped and now delivered in both C18 and C8 derivatizations, providing the flexibility needed for small, medium and large scale preparative chromatography. This family of Kromasil EternityXT stationary phases supports scientists and engineers working in purification under extreme harsh conditions that may be challenging to the mechanical and chemical stability of the stationary phase.

Read the full release (pdf) About the EternityXT stationary phases for prep HPLC Get the folder (8 pages)
June 2016

HPLC Symposium 2016 in San Francisco: Introducing Kromasil EternityShell - Columns with solid-core silica particles for harsh conditions

We are pleased to announce our next expansion of the analytical columns portfolio with the introduction of Kromasil EternityShell columns.

Kromasil EternityShell columns are a further expansion of the Kromasil analytical portfolio. Kromasil EternityShell columns have been designed for users who expect to perform separations between pH 1 and 12 and look for fast separations using solid-core technology.

Read the full release (pdf) About the EternityShell products Get the folder (4 pages)

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