March 2019

Campaign on semi-prep columns 2019

Discounted prices from our distributors.

Untill end of June 2019, you can benefit from attractive prices on selected Kromasil 21.2 mm semi-prep columns. Read more on the campaign page and contact your local distributor for the best offer.

December 2018

New animation: The Kromasil circle of value

Selecting the right chromatographic media for your applications is the key to successful separations and purifications. As a dedicated partner in industrial chromatography, Kromasil by Nouryon comes with a full set of benefits that will make your choice much easier.

Whatch the full story (2:26 min) on YouTube:

Other movies by Kromasil can be found on the movies page.

October 2018

AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals is now Nouryon

Ready to unleash its full potential as an independent company

The former AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals is today being relaunched as Nouryon. The move follows the recent acquisition of the business by The Carlyle Group and marks the company’s transition to becoming an independent, global specialty chemicals leader.

Kromasil will sustain its commitment to deliver its products to the market under the new company name as we have for the last 30 years.

Read the full news release on the Nouryon website
February 2018

PittCon 2018 in Orlando, FL: New Kromasil SFC columns for sample analysis and purification

We are pleased to announce the expansion of the Kromasil SFC platform of chromatographic columns to continue our worldwide support for research, discovery and compound isolation with Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC). These Kromasil SFC columns are now shipping in cyano, diol, silica, 2-ethylpyridine and organo-silane chemistries to give users more options to separate and purify a wide range of substances, from non-polar to strongly polar compounds, including small synthetic molecules and peptides.

Read the full release Read more on this site Get the folder (8 pages)
July 2017

Prep Symposium 2017 in Philadelphia: Launching new Kromasil diC4 stationary phases for biomolecule separations

Kromasil offers another alternative for the purification of large peptides and proteins: Kromasil diC4 stationary phase with 300 Å pore size for your biomolecule separations, impurity isolation and API manufacturing.

Kromasil diC4 offers slightly different characteristic than a classic C4 enabling opportunities to remove impurities from your peptide/protein crude.

Now shipping in bulk in 10 and 16 µm particle sizes.

Get the flyer (pdf) Bulk availability overview
June 2017

HPLC 2017 in Prague: Launching new Kromasil EternityXT UHPLC/HPLC columns

Kromasil expands its family of EternityXT analytical columns with a C8 phase.

Kromasil EternityXT C8 consists of silica particles used for purification of compounds that can be run under a wide range of pH. The product was already made available in bulk for large-scale applications and is now introduced in new convenient pre-packed columns which are suited for small-scale testing and analysis. The columns are available in three particle sizes: 1.8 μm for UHPLC applications, 2.5 μm for both UHPLC and HPLC applications and 5 μm for HPLC and semi-preparative chromatography.

Get the flyer (pdf) View the poster from HPLC 2017 (pdf) Columns availability overview Read the full media release (pdf)
October 2016

SPICA 2016 in Vienna: Announcing the growing Kromasil EternityXT family of stationary phases for preparative HPLC

We are pleased to announce that Kromasil EternityXT 10 μm C8 bulk material is now shipping. Kromasil EternityXT 10 μm materials are used in reversed phase chromatography, they are end capped and now delivered in both C18 and C8 derivatizations, providing the flexibility needed for small, medium and large scale preparative chromatography. This family of Kromasil EternityXT stationary phases supports scientists and engineers working in purification under extreme harsh conditions that may be challenging to the mechanical and chemical stability of the stationary phase.

Read the full release (pdf) About the EternityXT stationary phases for prep HPLC Get the folder (8 pages)
June 2016

HPLC Symposium 2016 in San Francisco: Introducing Kromasil EternityShell - Columns with solid-core silica particles for harsh conditions

We are pleased to announce our next expansion of the analytical columns portfolio with the introduction of Kromasil EternityShell columns.

Kromasil EternityShell columns are a further expansion of the Kromasil analytical portfolio. Kromasil EternityShell columns have been designed for users who expect to perform separations between pH 1 and 12 and look for fast separations using solid-core technology.

Read the full release (pdf) About the EternityShell products Get the folder (4 pages)
March 2016

PittCon in Atlanta: Introducing Kromasil ClassicShell - Columns with solid-core silica particles

We are pleased to announce our next expansion of the analytical columns portfolio with the introduction of Kromasil ClassicShell family of columns.

The new Kromasil ClassicShell columns offering is based on solid core particle technology to give researchers and analysts an alternative to their chromatographic separations.

Read the full release (pdf) About the ClassicShell products Get the folder (4 pages)
March 2015

Introducting the Kromasil SFC family of columns

We are proud to present our new compilation of SFC columns. These are based on AkzoNobel’s reputated 100 Å spherical silica in 2.5 µm particle size technology for reliability and efficiency in supercritical fluid chromatography.

Read the full release Read more on this site Get the folder (4 pages)
March 2014

Introducing Kromasil EternityXT UHPLC/HPLC columns with extended lifetime

Kromasil presents the last addition to it's UHPLC and HPLC assortment of columns. These new columns are based on AkzoNobel’s state-of-the-art manufacturing of chemically stable phases for wide pH-range usage.

Get the folder (4 pages) Read the full release
June 2013

Separation Products presents its new preparative product: Kromasil EternityXT™

Separation Products is proud to present its new preparative product, EternityXT, based on a patent-pending grafting technology, where further development of the Eternity technology has produced a material with an extended lifetime even under extremely demanding conditions.

Kromasil Eternity was introduced a few years ago, for analytical HPLC. Kromasil EternityXT is an extension of the Eternity portfolio, introducing a 10 μm C18 product aimed at preparative applications run under extreme conditions.

The pH window where EternityXT can be used is from 1 to 12, giving more flexibility than ever when optimizing for large-scale applications.

Get the brochure
February 2013

25 years at the service of the pharmaceutical industry

AkzoNobel is pleased to announce its 25 years of Kromasil, the high performance chromatographic media based on state-of-the-art spherical silica for analytical and industrial HPLC applications. Initially sold for the purification of insulin, Kromasil is now the premium choice for pharmaceuticals and API purifications worldwide for its outstanding mechanical and chemical stability, consistent batch-to-batch reproducibility and extraordinary selectivity.

Read the full press release (pdf)
December 2012

Eka Chemicals AB changes name to Akzo Nobel Pulp and Performance Chemicals AB

Eka Chemicals AB has for many years been a business unit of the chemical, paints and industrial coatings group AkzoNobel. As from December 1st, 2012 we have changed our legal entity name Eka Chemicals AB to Akzo Nobel Pulp and Performance Chemicals AB. The new name reflects a change in our business strategy, implemented to strengthen our business for the future. Please note that we will not change our organization VAT number - we have only changed the registered name of our legal entity.

Kromasil is a brand developed and marketed by Separation Products, a group within the business unit AkzoNobel Pulp and Performance Chemicals.

August 2012

Expanding technical service in China

Separation Products moves its China office to the AkzoNobel site of Songjiang near Shanghai. Equipped with its own laboratory, Separation Product will be able to expand and enhance its technical support to customer in China and surrounding countries.

The new address can be found on the contact page

March 2012

Pittcon 2012 - Introducing Kromasil HILIC

Kromasil HILIC-D is designed for the best selectivity of polar compounds. This diol derivatized phase provides excellent reproducibility when compared to HILIC columns based on standard bare silica. Kromasil HILIC-D offers a robust column that is 100% MS compatible. The phase is low bleed and the solvents used when running your HPLC in HILIC mode are optimal for MS. Therefore the sensitivity can be 100 times better when using Kromasil HILIC-D over traditional reversed phase columns.

For additional information:

Download the brochure in pdf Read more on this site
December 2010

Conference on Preparative & Process Scale HPLC, MCC and SFC

Beijing, China

Separation Products arranged a conference on preparative and process chromatography in Beijing, China, 27-29 October, 2010. This conference was the 6th in a series of well-attended and much appreciated chromatography conferences and workshops organized since 2002 by Separation Products. The conference was held on the outskirts of Beijing, in the Chateau Laffitte Hotel, with nice surroundings, and a hotel looking like a French castle!

About 70 people from 38 different companies and universities attended the conference, and over the three days, 17 talks and four workshops were given. The subjects ranged from drug discovery, chiral separations, and large scale application examples to equipment and packing material design, making the program useful and interesting to most everyone attending.

In addition to the scientific program an excursion to the Great Wall and the Ming Dynasty Tombs was arranged, giving all the possibility to see some of China?s biggest attractions during the visit to Beijing.

The very positive feedback from the attendees gives us courage to start already now to plan for our next conference in this series. Information on where and when will be forwarded to our friends in the prep HPLC community later on!

June 2010
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HPLC 2010 - Introducing Kromasil Eternity PhenylHexyl

At HPLC 2010 in Boston (MA, USA), we proudly present a new member to our Eternity family of chemically stable phases for wide pH-range usage.

Kromasil Eternity PhenylHexyl is a fully wettable phase with alternative selectivity compared to the C18 phase of the family, expanding the action field for demanding separations in a wide pH-range.

Get the presenting folder at our exhibition stand or download it now as a pdf from this site with the link below.

More about the Kromasil Eternity platform
June 2009
default image

A Popular chromatography conference

From May 31 to June 2, Separation Products held a conference on the subject of preparative chromatography. The conference was held at Säröhus, south of Gothenburg and customers from all over the world and representatives from a variety of Universities were invited to attend and give talks.

The conference attracted guests from 27 different companies and six universities, in addition to employees from Kromasil in the US, China and Sweden. In total, 69 people took part in the event, which, despite a packed program, also gave participants the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful archipelago off the western coast of Sweden.

The conference program was intensive, with 22 talks over one and a half days. In addition to this, the group managed to take in a highly appreciated boat tour of the archipelago in fantastic weather.

We have already received praise that the conference was both educational and extremely enjoyable, it gave a lot of opportunities to make new contacts with colleagues from other companies in the same business area. So, we have already decided to arrange a similar conference in China in 2010 and another on the west coast of Sweden in 2011.

March 2009
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Separation Products presents its new analytical product: Kromasil® Eternity™

From Pittcon 2009, Chicago, IL, USA

Separation Products is proud to present its new analytical platform Eternity, a new organosilane merged silica with high chemical stability in a wide pH range. This makes Kromasil Eternity an ideal choice for method development for ionic substances where pH is an important factor for optimizing selectivity.

Kromasil Eternity is available in as small particles as 2.5 ?m, enabling high resolution on short columns, qualifying for time and eluents savings.

Visit the website, or download the pdf information folder:

Kromasil eternity website Kromasil Eternity information folder
February 2009
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Kromasil Conference on Preparative & Process scale HPLC, MCC and SFC

Location: Särö, Sweden

Date: June 1-2, 2009

Separation Products arranges a conference and workshop for preparative and process scale chromatography in Särö, Sweden. Conference topics include chiral separation, new ideas in drug discovery, process equipment and operation, modeling and simulation.

Contact us for an invitation!

March 2008

Kromasil AmyCoat RP and Kromasil CelluCoat RP launched

Taking reversed phase chiral separation to a new level, Separation Products launches new members to it's popular coated phase chiral products family. Enjoy the high efficiency and resolution of the unique 3 µm particles on your analytical RP separations.

Check for more info and applications on the respective flyer in the publications section:

Kromasil AmyCoat RP
Kromasil CelluCoat RP
February 2008
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Kromasil new analytical strategy

Kromasil is a premium silica-based packing material developed for Preparative, Process and Analytical HPLC, SFC and SMB.

Kromasil analytical and preparative columns for Normal Phase, Reversed Phase and Chiral Phase liquid chromatography have been available worldwide as original columns from AkzoNobel, or via independent column packers in different countries.

In order to secure the quality and supply of our columns, Kromasil has decided to take full responsibility for all manufacturing steps from silica to column packing. From January 1st 2008, Kromasil have stopped the sales of analytical bulk material to independent column packers. Following the new analytical strategy we also establish a network of more dedicated distributors of Kromasil original columns worldwide. Kromasil original columns will only be available from AkzoNobel, or our network of distributors.

See the list of worldwide Kromasil original column distributors.
June 2007

New Akzo Nobel office in China

In order to meet the growing demand for service and presence toward HPLC customers in China, a new Separation Products office has been opened in Beijing for a closer contact channel with Kromasil customer and distributors.

Contact information
March 2006
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Distribution of Kromasil® columns

Separation Products, a sector within Eka Chemicals AB, is implementing a new strategy by strengthening its distribution and sales channels for Kromasil analytical products.

The list of authorized Kromasil column distributors is shown on our website. Please find the press release from the General Manager.

February 2006
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E-commerce for Kromasil® original columns

From February 2006 it is possible for all Kromasil users to order standard Kromasil columns online. After registration as an E-customer you will access the online store with prices in the correct currency for your country, and can place your order conveniently and instantly.

Please find the Online Store at

July 2005
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New distributor for Kromasil in Japan

As of 1 July 2005 GE Healthcare Amersham Biosciences K.K. has been appointed the sole distributor of Kromasil in Japan. Amersham Biosciences have established a strong marketing and sales network in Japan, which will ensure an efficient distribution network for Kromasil media and columns in the country.

Please find a press release regarding the agreement between the companies in English and Japanese!

February 2005
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Launch of Kromasil Diol

Separation Products is launching the new Kromasil Diol phase at PittCon 2005 in Orlando February 27 - March 4. The Diol phase has been developed in order to provide excellent performance in both HPLC as well as in SFC. Kromasil Diol shows unique characteristics, and provides an alternative selectivity in both NP and RP mode.

Please find the new Kromasil Diol product information here!
February 2005
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Launch of Kromasil Phenyl

Separation Products is launching the new Kromasil Phenyl phase at PittCon 2005 in Orlando February 27 - March 4. Kromasil Phenyl is developed to be the perfect alternative to present Kromasil phases. The phase is completely wettable, and compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases. Kromasil Phenyl exhibits a unique selectivity for aromatic compounds, due to a possibility for - interactions between the phenyl bonded phase and the solute.

Please find the new Kromasil Phenyl product information here!
January 2005
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New Kromasil Application Guide

Separation Products has launched the long-awaited 48-page Kromasil Application Guide! The guide contains general guidelines how to make the best out of your Kromasil packing materials and columns, and a variety of chromatographic separations, from small synthetic pharmaceuticals, up to peptides and larger molecules.
We hope the guide will be a useful tool when developing new HPLC separation methods in your lab.

Please find the Kromasil Application Guide here!
June 2004
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New brochure for the Kromasil analytical products

At HPLC2004, Separation Products introduced a new analytical brochure. The brochure contains information regarding important aspects of analytical HPLC, and several comparison studies between Kromasil analytical products and other leading analytical brands. Separation Products is, from now on, determined to focus much more on the analytical market.”

Please find the new Kromasil Analytical brochure here!

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