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December 2010

Conference on Preparative & Process Scale HPLC, MCC and SFC

Beijing, China

Separation Products arranged a conference on preparative and process chromatography in Beijing, China, 27-29 October, 2010. This conference was the 6th in a series of well-attended and much appreciated chromatography conferences and workshops organized since 2002 by Separation Products. The conference was held on the outskirts of Beijing, in the Chateau Laffitte Hotel, with nice surroundings, and a hotel looking like a French castle!

About 70 people from 38 different companies and universities attended the conference, and over the three days, 17 talks and four workshops were given. The subjects ranged from drug discovery, chiral separations, and large scale application examples to equipment and packing material design, making the program useful and interesting to most everyone attending.

In addition to the scientific program an excursion to the Great Wall and the Ming Dynasty Tombs was arranged, giving all the possibility to see some of China?s biggest attractions during the visit to Beijing.

The very positive feedback from the attendees gives us courage to start already now to plan for our next conference in this series. Information on where and when will be forwarded to our friends in the prep HPLC community later on!