February 2008

Kromasil new analytical strategy

Kromasil is a premium silica-based packing material developed for Preparative, Process and Analytical HPLC, SFC and SMB.

Kromasil analytical and preparative columns for Normal Phase, Reversed Phase and Chiral Phase liquid chromatography have been available worldwide as original columns from AkzoNobel, or via independent column packers in different countries.

In order to secure the quality and supply of our columns, Kromasil has decided to take full responsibility for all manufacturing steps from silica to column packing. From January 1st 2008, Kromasil have stopped the sales of analytical bulk material to independent column packers. Following the new analytical strategy we also establish a network of more dedicated distributors of Kromasil original columns worldwide. Kromasil original columns will only be available from AkzoNobel, or our network of distributors.

See the list of worldwide Kromasil original column distributors.

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