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Breaking new ground in China

When Hybio was founded in 1998, it was one of the first companies in China to enter the peptide industry. Today, Hybio is a full-scale peptide producer that invests heavily in research and development. Kromasil is part of their success by providing silica for efficient and reliable purifications.

Find out how Hybio benefits from Kromasil

Excluding additives in chiral preparative separations

Mobile phase additives are commonly used in analytical chiral separations without trouble. But in preparative scale, additives make solvent recycling tricky and can cause re-racemization. By using Kromasil AmyCoat or CelluCoat it is possible to exclude additives in chiral preparative separations.

What is the impact on yield and purity?

Give a little, gain a lot

Kromasil offers the lowest possible total separation cost by providing the best silica-based HPLC, SMB and SFC packing material. Superior loadability and lifetime let you boost productivity and reduce costs.

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