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Newsletter May 2011 from Kromasil


KromaNews:Prep & Production

Exploring the limits in Brazil

Separation Products has had a long collaboration with the group of Professor Cesar Santana at the Universidade Estadual de Campinas in Brazil. Professor Santana and his group have produced several scientific papers in the field of large scale purification of enantiomers. We are now proud to give the readers of KromaNews a flavor of the work of Professor Santana's group and some nice pictures from the lovely group in Brazil.

Kromasil Chiral in the race for API production

Optimization in Prep HPLC

The recent years has seen a tremendous increase in the use of Industrial Scale HPLC, especially in emerging countries like India and China. Many large DAC columns have been installed, and are run using short bed lengths, together with small, spherical, silica-based particles, and relatively high flow rates. This is what we call the High Performance Concept in preparative HPLC.

What is the impact of optimization on separation cost?

Buffer Capacity – an underestimated parameter in prep RP-HPLC

A chromatographic system is defined by the nature of the stationary and mobile phase. While there are a large, although discrete number of stationary phases to choose from, the selection of the right mobile phase composition renders almost infinite possibilities. We are elucidating one of the important parameters, namely the buffer capacity of a reversed phase eluent.

What you should know about buffer concentration in prep HPLC
Kromasil AkzoNobel

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