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Breaking new ground in China

When Hybio was founded in 1998, it was one of the first companies in China to enter the peptide industry. Today, Hybio is a full-scale peptide producer that invests heavily in research and development. Kromasil is part of their success by providing silica for efficient and reliable purifications.

Pioneer in peptide development

Hybio’s research and development centre was established in 2000, and was the first centre in the peptide field in China. The lab develops new peptide drugs, API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) peptides and other peptide related products. With more than 100 research contracts signed, Hybio has a solid reputation among leading international organizations and pharmaceutical companies.

Broad customer offering

Hybio has one of the best facilities for producing commercial scale peptides meeting GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) requirements. The complete offering stretches from simple peptides to complex modifications; from lab scale to commercial scale; from non-GMP to GMP grade. What is more, Hybio has a full range of API peptides in the pipeline. Some of them are already commercially available and some are still under development.

Proven performance by Kromasil

In 2003, Hybio started to use Kromasil for their peptide purifications in Dynamic Axial Compression columns. The exceptional mechanical and chemical stability of Kromasil leads to high loading capacity and efficiency combined with long lifetime. “Kromasil simply sets a new standard,” says Dr. Yuan Jiancheng at Hybio. “It is not the cheapest reversed phase HPLC packing material, but the outstanding performance compensates more than enough for this. Our purification costs are lower today than ever before.”

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