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More choices in your analytical tool box

Kromasil® ClassicShell family of columns is an expansion of the Kromasil® analytical columns portfolio to provide scientists with more options for the analysis of laboratory samples.

Kromasil® ClassicShell columns

The Kromasil® ClassicShell columns are based on solid core particles and intended for the analysis of sample mixtures in various areas of research as well as quality control in pharmaceutical, environmental, food and beverages and industrial laboratories.

These new columns are packed with 2.5 μm particles and, similarly to the already adopted Kromasil® Classic 1.8 and 2.5 μm particle size columns, Kromasil® ClassicShell products are intended for fast separations to support effective and efficient laboratory turnaround.

chromatogram of QC test, columns and box
ClassicShell columns and box

hromatogram of separation of neutral substances

Reproducible results

QC test with neutral substances.

Test on three columns with different batches of stationary phase.

  • Column:Kromasil ClassicShell-2.5-C18 2.1 × 50 mm
  • Sample:1 = sodium nitrate, 2 = acetophenone, 3 = toluene, 4 = benzene, 5 = butylbenzen
  • Mobile phase:acetonitrile / water (70/30)
  • Flow rate:0.42 ml/min
  • Temperature:25 °C
  • Detection:UV @ 254 nm


Kromasil® ClassicShell columns provide an excellent alternative for the analysis of candidate drugs as well as established pharmaceuticals under reversed phase chromatography.

Sulfa drugs

  • Column:Kromasil ClassicShell-2.5-C18 2.1 × 50 mm
  • Sample:1 = sulfadiazine, 2 = sulfathiazole,
  •  3 = sulfamerazine, 4 = sulfamethoxypyridazine,
  •  5 = sulfamethoxazole, 6 = sulfaquinoxaline
  • Mobile phase:acetonitrile / water / 0.1% formic acid
  • Gradient:0 min: 10%, 2 min: 90% acetonitrile
  • Flow rate:0.7 ml/min
  • Temperature:25 °C
  • Detection:UV @ 254 nm
hromatogram of separation of sulfa drugs

hromatogram of separation of xanthines

Analysis of xanthine class compounds

Pharmaceutical drug discovery and development, food quality control and environmental monitoring require efficient sample analysis.

Kromasil® ClassicShell columns offer researchers and analysts the possibility of fast runs with complete resolution, as the results illustrated here.

  • Column:Kromasil ClassicShell-2.5-C18 2.1 × 50 mm
  • Sample:1 = theobromine, 2 = theophylline, 3 = caffeine
  • Mobile phase:acetonitrile / water / 0.1% formic acid
  • Gradient:0 min: 3%, 4 min: 30% acetonitrile
  • Flow rate:0.5 ml/min
  • Temperature:ambient
  • Detection:UV @ 254 nm

Separation of capsaicinoids

As the natural products industry continues to grow, the analysis of active ingredients to establish product quality and assure safety is becoming more important.

Here is an example of a fast analysis for the separation of capsaicin and dihydrocapsaicin in slightly over a minute.

hromatogram of separation of capsaicin
  • Column:Kromasil ClassicShell-2.5-C18 2.1 × 50 mm
  • Sample:1 = capsaicin, 2 = dihydrocapsaicin
  • Mobile phase:acetonitrile / water (60/40)
  • Flow rate:0.3 ml/min
  • Temperature:25 °C
  • Detection:UV @ 235 nm


Availability of Kromasil® ClassicShell columns

Kromasil® ClassicShell is based on 2.5 μm solid-core particles, and is available with C8 and C18 derivatizations, in 2.1 and 4.6 mm I.D. HPLC columns.

Click/touch the dot for the combination of stationary phase and column diameter of your interest to access column length availability and further options.
Column diameters, [mm]
FamilyPhasedp [μm]2.14.6
ClassicShellC82.5 NH2CMD__ NH2CMA__
ClassicShellC182.5 NH2CLD__