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The Kromasil® diC4 stationary phase is a HPLC phase targeting the purification of peptide and biomolecules. With 100 Å pore size it has shown to be highly efficient to reach purity levels over 99.5% for GLP-1 receptor agonists like Liraglutide and Semaglutide, even with crudes with a target product purity as low as 15%. In 300 Å, the purification of larger biomolecules can also be addressed.

Main benefits

  • Increased yield
  • Reduced use of organic solvent
  • Higher loadability
  • Higher productivity

The new alternative in C4 phases

Kromasil® diC4 has strong C4 characteristics in terms of capacity and hydrophobicity. The main difference is a steric selectivity in between a C18 and a C4, more like a C8.

Tanataka tests results sumarized in spiderdiagram

Tanaka tests comparison of phase properties between Kromasil® 100-10-diC4 and the corresponding C4 with a C18 as normalizing reference.

Selectivity that can push loadability and productivity to new levels

Better loadability on first step gives diC4 a huge lead over C4 in the second step where high purity must be achieved.


two-step purification of Semaglutide using Kromasil® C4


two-step purification of Semaglutide using Kromasil® diC4




Kromasil® diC4, a totally porous spherical silica with a dibutyl silane derivatization, is available in bulk with 100 or 300 Å pore size and 10 to 16 μm particle size. These materials are also available in prepacked columns:

Availability of Kromasil® diC4 bulk media

Click/touch the dot for the material of your interest for further details and options.
Particle size, [μm]
100 ÅdiC4 M10DCblk M13DCblk
300 ÅdiC4 L10DCblk L16DCblk
  • : preparative media available in bulk. Click on dot for further details

Availability of Kromasil® diC4 columns

Click/touch the dot for the combination of stationary phase and column diameter of your interest to access column length availability and further options.
Column diameters, [mm]
FamilyPhasedp [μm]4.04.610203050
100 ÅdiC410 M10DCB__ M10DCA__ M10DCP__ M10DCO__ M10DCR__ M10DCT__
100 ÅdiC413 M13DCB__ M13DCA__ M13DCP__ M13DCO__ M13DCR__ M13DCT__
300 ÅdiC410 L10DCB__ L10DCA__ L10DCP__ L10DCO__
300 ÅdiC416 L16DCB__ L16DCA__ L16DCP__ L16DCO__ L16DCR__ L16DCT__