First choice for polar compound separation

Kromasil HILIC-D is designed for the best selectivity of polar compounds. Traditionally, polar compounds like organic acids, nucleobases, and water soluble vitamins have been a challenge to separate on a standard reversed phase column like C18. Kromasil HILIC-D offers a phase that has true orthogonal selectivity when compared to a C18 column, normally giving an opposite elution order. The diol derivatized Kromasil HILIC-D provides excellent reproducibility when compared to HILIC columns based on standard bare silica.

In addition to the orthogonal selectivity, Kromasil HILIC-D offers a robust column that is 100% MS compatible. The phase is low bleed and the solvents used when running your HPLC in HILIC mode are optimal for MS. Therefore the sen­­­­­­sitivity can be 100 times better when using Kromasil HILIC-D over traditional reversed phase columns.

When purifying polar compounds, Kromasil HILIC-D can be scaled up, offering the same great performance as in analytical scale. Take advantage of the generous surface area which can provide high loading capacity.

Inverted elution compared to reversed phase

Kromasil 100-5-C18

Elution in reversed phase mode

reversed mode elution on C18 naphthalene

Kromasil 60-5-HILIC-D

Elution in HILIC mode

reversed mode elution on C18 uracil
  • Common conditions

  • Column size:4.6 × 150 mm
  • Mobile Phase:acetonitrile/water (90/10)
  • Flow rate:1 ml/min
  • Temperature:ambient
  • Detection:UV @ 254 nm

Optimized MS sensitivity and compatibility

In recent years, there were animal and human deaths due to the contamination of food and milk products with melamine. The addition of melamine to food or milk containing cyanuric acid causes the production of melamine cyanurate which in turn creates kidney problems that can lead to death. Therefore the FDA has mandated that milk and prepared food be tested for melamine. Kromasil HILIC-D provides the proper selectivity and excellent MS compatibility to be able to analyze even the smallest amounts of melamine.

Separation of melanine with MS detection structure of melanine structure of cyanuric acid
  • Conditions

  • Column:Kromasil 60-5-HILIC-D 2.1 × 100 mm
  • Mobile Phase:acetonitrile/ammonium acetate buffer, 100 mM, pH 4.5 (95/5)
  • Flow rate:0.4 ml/min
  • Temperature:25°C
  • Detection:+/-ESI TIC SIM

Tuning retention factor in HILIC mode


In contrast to reversed phase, retention time is increased with the amount of organic modifier in the mobile phase.
  • Conditions

  • Column:Kromasil 60-5-HILIC-D 4.6 × 150 mm
  • Sample:nucleobases (see figure)
  • Mobile Phase:acetonitrile/ammonium acetate buffer, 100 mM, pH 6.3
  • Flow rate:1 ml/min
  • Temperature:ambient
  • Detection:UV @ 254 nm

Product characteristics for Kromasil 60-5-HILIC-D

  • Pore size¹: 60 Å
  • Particle size: 5 µm
  • Phase: HILIC-D
  • Surface area¹: 540 m²/g

1: bare silica data

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GroupPhaseParticle size, µmi.d.
2.1 mm
3.0 mm
3.9 mm
4.0 mm
4.6 mm
10 mm
21.2 mm
30 mm
50 mm
60 ÅHILIC-D5    
60 ÅHILIC-D10     

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