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Easy handling of tough demands

For regular silica-based stationary phases, exposure to extreme pH (especially basic) will have a negative impact on the chemical stability and therefore column lifetime. However, the silica/organosilane surface of the Kromasil Eternity platform offers a chemical stability that will secure a long-lasting stationary phase, even under tough pH conditions and higher temperatures.

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Excellent performance even at high pH

With the wide pH window, the Eternity platform gives users more flexibility to optimize selectivity and loading capacity compared to regular silica materials.

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Columns for the lab

Kromasil Eternity HPLC columns come with particles down to 2.5 μm. EternityXT extends down to 1.8 μm to fit any UHPLC instrument for better efficiency and flexibility in the laboratory.


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State-of-the-art stability

With the Eternity platform, the boundaries of applicable pH range has moved beyond what could be expected from the strongest silica matrix.


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Withstands pressure time and time again

Kromasil EternityXT builds upon the legacy of the Kromasil Classic silica and further enhances the performance of preparative chromatography.

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Kromasil EternityShell

Columns with solid-core silica particles designed for harsh conditions.

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