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Kromasil® Classic changed the world of large-scale and industrial-scale chromatography by combining a high available surface area with great mechanical stability. Kromasil® EternityXT builds upon this legacy and further enhances the performance of preparative chromatography.

High loading capacity

Kromasil® Classic is a packing material with very high loading capacity, and hence high productivity, as it can withstand the high mechanical stress the packing is exposed to in a dynamic axial compression (DaC) column. Kromasil® EternityXT is a preparative packing material with exceptional physical and chemical properties. it takes mechanical stability to the next level by exhibiting even higher mechanical stability, with the same high available surface area, and hence loading capacity.

Based on the Kromasil® 100 Å silica matrix, Kromasil® EternityXT has exceptional mechanical stability as a result of the spherical shape and a proprietary process that further strengthens the matrix. in EternityXT, the new organic/inorganic platform reinforces the structure to an even higher level.

Pressure over packed bed during mechanical stability test

To simulate a repeated packing procedure without emptying the column, a test method with a successive increase of piston pressure was applied. The back pressure increase is a measure of the degree of densification and degradation of the material after repeated packings.
  • test conditions
  • The test material is packed in a 50 mm iD DAC column, and the pressure is increased stepwise, from 40 bar up to 300 bar. The back-pressure is monitored during the process using ethanol as the mobile phase. The back-pressure monitored during the pressure increase cycle is shown in the diagram.
EternityXT before
Microscope picture of EternityXT silica particles before test
EternityXT after
Microscope picture of EternityXT silica particles after test
Competitor before
Microscope picture of Competitor silica particles before test
Competitor after
Microscope picture of Competitor silica particles after test

Key characteristics

in addition to the physical and chemical properties of Eternity and EternityXT, it is important to know some other facts. manufacturing starts with the silica raw material and runs all the way through to the finished packing material. Controlling the total manufacturing process means the highest quality of the final product is guaranteed. all Kromasil® products are manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility.