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At the service of the pharmaceutical industry

Preparative HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) is ever gaining in importance as a purification method in the pharmaceutical industry. As regulatory requirements increase, higher purity levels have to be met. HPLC is a highly competent method to achieve these goals. Therefore, process-scale HPLC applications, are gaining a growing popularity.

However, finding the right conditions in order to run your process at optimal productivity, is not a simple task.

That is where our experienced application group comes in to help you.

How do we help?

win time and solvent with process optimization

We perform method development and process optimization in our lab. A purification method can either be designed from scratch by taking your requirements concerning purity, recovery and throughput into consideration. We can also start from your current process settings to optimize it within acceptable boundaries, rendering a more cost efficient separation process.

effect of yield on costs

Analysis of separation cost can be made based on your provided data. Different scenarios can be simulated, which allows for the understanding of the most critical parameters in process chromatography.

don't walk on mines

We help you avoid separation pitfalls and solve existing difficulties by phone, email or personal contact.

Operator with a Prochrom® LC 300 mm<br/>DAC column

We test DAC (dynamic axial compression) type column packing procedures in our lab and assist you on your site when technical help is needed, e.g. when packing the DAC column with Kromasil® packing media for the first time.

Dr Högblom giving a lecture in process HPLC

We participate actively at international symposia and conferences, engaging the Kromasil® team in the scientific community. We can arrange tailor-made seminars at your location.

Contact us for more details about how we can help you with your application.

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