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Phenolic acids

Acetysalicylic acid and metabolites on EternityXT C18

  • 1 = acetylsalicylic acid
  • 2 = benzoic acid
  • 3 = salicylic acid
chromatogram for g1053
Column:Kromasil EternityXT-2.5-C18 2.1 × 50 mm
Part number:XH2CLD05
Eluent:acetonitrile / water + TFA
Gradient:0 min: 20%, 1.5 min: 35% acetonitrile
Flow rate:0.6 ml/min
Detection:UV @ 220 nm


Nouryon application note

Kromasil columns available with the stationary phase used in this application

Click/touch the dot for the combination of stationary phase and column diameter of your interest to access column length availability and further options.
Column diameters, [mm]
FamilyPhasedp [μm]2.14.6
EternityXTC182.5 XH2CLD__ XH2CLA__