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Preparative separation of angiotensins on EternityXT C18

Preparative separation of angiotensins on EternityXT C18 at high pH

  • 1 = angiotensin II
  • 2 = angiotensin III
chromatogram for g1082
Column:Kromasil EternityXT-10-C18 4.6 × 250 mm
Part number:X10CLA25
Eluent:acetonitrile / water + 0.1 % ammonium hydroxide
Gradient:0-5 min: 5%, 35 min: 26.5% acetonitrile
Flow rate:1.0 ml/min
Temperature:30 °C
Detection:UV @ 225 nm
Sample load:40 mg mix of angiotensins II and III


Nouryon application note

Kromasil columns available with the stationary phase used in this application

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Column diameters, [mm]
FamilyPhasedp [μm]4.04.6102030
EternityXTC1810 X10CLB__ X10CLA__ X10CLP__ X10CLO__ X10CLR__