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From October 1st to end of year 2019, you can take advantage on the following offers on Kromasil products.

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Kromasil wettable phase

During the launch of the new Kromasil C18(w) wettable phase, we offer a 20% discount on bulk packing media and columns

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Product codes for bulk and assorted columns

Descriptionpart number
Kromasil 100-10-C18(w)M10WLblk
Kromasil 100-10-C18(w) 4.6 × 250 mmM10WLA25
Kromasil 100-10-C18(w) 10 × 250 mmM10WLP25
Kromasil 100-10-C18(w) 21.2 × 250 mmM10WLQ25

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small particles columns

Small particle columns

A discount is offered on all Kromasil columns with small particles, including 1.8, 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5 µm particles. For HPLC and UHPLC.

In this offer, you will find columns from the following platform and product families:

  • Kromasil Classic 100 Å
  • Kromasil ClassicShell (solid-core)
  • Kromasil EternityXT
  • Kromasil EternityShell (solid-core)
  • Kromasil Chiral
  • Kromasil SFC

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